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The YNY Associates Brand Growth Index captures the strength and the future potential of brands by considering the characteristics of each brand, as well as the competitive dynamics and trends within the industry.  While it takes into account the current brand situation, relative to its competitors as the basis, it is inherently forward looking, and quantifies the future growth potential of each brand.  It evaluates a series of intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics to offer insights into brand essence, equity, and engagement. The YNY Associates Brand Growth Index is a metric that provides significant insights into the competitive position and the value of each brand.

Our network of subject matters experts evaluate brands on several dimensions related to strength and growth potential. The results are then analyzed using a proprietary methodology to generate an index that is one-of-a-kind in the industry. The index is calculated on an annual basis and offers a deep understanding of the changes in the strength, the competitive position, and the future potential of each brand. Customized reports consisting of a detailed analysis of brand's strength and growth, including a comparison of key performance indicators against competitors and specific guidelines for the management to improve the brand strength can be generated.

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